Brushing Away the Dust

I met an old friend this past weekend. Someone had said something that had reminded me of a favorite composer. So I revisited his music.


Photo Credit: Vintage Junky

The music greeted me with the same love it had before. It recognized my heart. If anything, I think it understood me even better now.

It spoke tenderly and and with empathy in “Vocalise,”  reminding me of the past it and I had shared together, reminding me of the hours that it had listened to me pour pieces of my heart onto the piano’s keys with this song.

Too many years have passed.

Pinterest informs me that music brushes away the dust from the soul. There is always a song that fits whatever I’m experiencing, and the music enhances and improves my understanding. It helps me express myself. It helps me be honest with myself.

I have enjoyed spending time with this composer’s music. And when I have a piano again, I will pull “Vocalise” out and rekindle the friendship even more.


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