Grief is such a strange thing. You can feel it even before you lose something.

A college friend has been battling cancer, and I heard today that she has only weeks left.

I’m feeling a strange blend of sadness and peace. Heaven will be a little brighter, but Earth will lose a beautiful spark.

This friend and I didn’t keep up much after college, but I have nothing except fondness for her.

Sometimes people say that “So-and-So was always smiling.” But we all know that’s not actually true. So I want to say it differently. This friend reflects God’s nature. She and I survived some difficult classes together. Math 101, for example. (Math was not our strong point. Don’t judge.) Sometimes she and I were frustrated, trying desperately to understand the algebra concepts. We were sleep-deprived. We were hungry. We weren’t always smiling. But she kept a positive outlook and would catch herself when it turned negative. She would re-frame her situation and remind us both to see the good. She seemed to live in the knowledge that God loves her, and she seemed to draw confidence from that knowledge. I saw so much peace, joy, and love radiating from her that it felt like she was always smiling.

I’ve been listening to the song “I Will Rise” today. It is comforting to know that when God calls her name, she will go to Him and live forever without any more pain or sorrow. There is hope even in death, and that hope is Jesus.

Thank you for your example, Marissa. I love you, and I’m praying for you and your family.


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