Elizabeth Turner ~ The Wanderer

Elizabeth Turner ~ The Wanderer

“Speed, little dreams, your winging
To that land across the sea
Where the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree!” ~ Eugene Field

I blame my love of poetry, literature, writing, theatre, and art on “The Dinkey Bird.”

To me, “The Dinkey Bird” was far more than a poem. It was a place of wonder, a place of beauty, a place of imagination. As I listened to my mother read the rhythmic words, I would stare at the pictures—bright, vivid colors. Detailed illustrations. Perfection.

The Dinkey-Bird was a wonderful bird—beautiful, sweet, caring. He watched over the children who played in the land of Wonder-Wander, protecting them and making sure they had a safe place to play. His voice allowed the children to be free. He encouraged the children to dream.

As I grew older, my love for the beauty presented in the poem never diminished. Rather, it grew. I began to write my own stories and poems, trying to capture the beauty I saw around me. I grew up in Aurora, Colorado (one of the prettiest states around), and I will always consider myself a Colorado girl (though I currently live in the South). Mountains are beautiful, and I love spending time in them. Other interests include baseball, books, movies, music, chocolate, and friends. God has blessed me with some wonderful friends who encourage me to write and to pursue my dreams, and I love encouraging them to do the same. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and a Master of Arts degree in Theatre Arts.

And now, I keep writing . . . because there is still so much wonder and beauty in this world. Maybe I can catch a sliver of it and share it with someone else. At the very least, writing allows me to spend time with my Dinkey-Bird in the land of Wonder-Wander. And that is quite a privilege.


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